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AH Shopper not only lets you do shopping, but it also welcomes to share your knowledge, thoughts, and experience with other visitors to our site. Our Bog section (attach blog page link) uploads news, reviews, and guides about shopping, products, brands, marketplaces, fashion, and trends. Not surprisingly, we appreciate lots of articles from experienced or researcher persons so that our community can know about any topic mentioned above.

To Please Our Audiences is what We Want

We want guest posts to be relevant, true, and perfect. Our audiences are those people who are engaged in e-commerce sectors or have interests in the news about goods and services. Moreover, many fashion bloggers, tech experts, DIY experts, and online marketers keep an eye on our products, reviews, news, and updates for the betterment in their work or profession. That is why we insist on people to write something that can help our audiences learn something new and vital.

Quality over Quantity is the Prime Condition

The admin panel of AH Shopper is quite strict about the criteria we have kept for the writers. To keep up our quality, we want our guest writers to send us posts that maintain the following criteria.

  • Engagement: A writer needs to make viewers engaged in a post till the last word. Everything inside the article should relate to the title of the discussion. Also, everything discussed in the writing should be in the conversational style so that readers get to know what the post is trying to describe.
  • Grammatically Flawless: Zero-grammatical error makes writing more appreciating and understandable. Writers should check the whole post manually or using tools before sending it to us.
  • Uniqueness: A post that has stolen ideas and concepts of some other writings doesn’t get uploaded on our blog. We only want our guest writers to give us words that come from their own.
  • Length & Structure: An article should be at least 400 words long. But anything over 2000 words is also not acceptable. Contents should have structures that can put positive impact on readability. Besides, we advise to make articles look catchy along with putting vital information in writing.

How to Deliver Your Writing

Reaching us is pretty easy. A person only needs to send us a mail attaching the article at our official address mentioning that the mail is for guest posts. Along, the person needs to give minimum personal information for identification. And most importantly, the article should be in a document format to make our job easier.

After getting the mail and content, we deliver it to our experts for checking and other formalities, which take some time. We notify the writer in the reply of the mail to inform whether the article is accepted or not within a week.

Mail us what is in your mind as a blog post at contact@ahshopper.com

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