Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

AH Shopper commits to let people of the country purchase their necessary goods without taking a step outside their residences. To ensure our customers stay happy and get the ordered items on time, we focus on our delivery system more than other e-commerce sites in Bangladesh.

Delivery Agents

  • We are connected with one of the famous Courier service providers of Bangladesh, SA Paribahan. The company helps our sellers deliver any type of good outside of Dhaka Metropolitan.
  • AH Shopper also has a team of freelancers that can send a good to the right destination using personal vehicles like vans, bicycles, and motorbikes.
  • The seller of our company can also do the delivery process in their own way to handover your orders following our business ethics.

Delivery Deadline

There is no fixed deadline committed in our policy. Depending on the location where a buyer needs the order to be delivered, we set the deadline for delivery and inform both buyers and sellers. But without any issues, our agents can do the delivery within 8 workdays in any location of Bangladesh.

Delivery Charges

The delivery charge of a product is not included with the main price.

  • After calculating the distance our agent has to cover or the courier charges, we attach the service charge of sending your products with the bill.
  • The amount we show as the delivery charge of a place can also vary depending on the type and amount of the product.

Other Terms & Limitations

Our service standards can’t be maintained in some situations as transport failures and bad weather conditions. In such cases, we can take more than usual time to deliver an order. Also, we increase or decrease the charges of some specific products and locations in national emergency circumstances.

Our company can notify our sellers and consumers about any upcoming changes in the policy. But a change without informing cannot be considered as a violation from any party.